Michael Conlan insists he has no intention of paying the €9,300 fine imposed on him by the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

The Irish Olympic boxer was hit with the fine following his outburst in the wake of last August's controversial Rio Games loss to Vladimir Nikitin. 

Conlan was defeated by the Russian in their bantamweight quarter-final bout after appearing to largely dominate the fight.

It prompted a furious response from the Belfast man, who let loose in a post-fight interview with RTÉ in which he claimed: "Amateur boxing stinks from the core to the top."

The AIBA reacted by fining Conlan 10,000 Swiss Francs, the maximum penalty open to them, but since the Belfast boxer left the amateur ranks behind to turn professional, they have no way of enforcing it.

Conlan told the Irish News that he will, unsurprisingly, not be paying the fine.

"If the fine was £10, I still wouldn’t pay it and that’s the truth - I wouldn’t pay it if it was £1," he said.

"It’s the principle of the whole thing - I know I was right and what I said was right. Maybe the fact I said it so publicly has shamed them, but they shamed me in that ring.

"They provoked that reaction so I believe I was in the right and that everything I did was right."

With Conlan now a professional fighter, he is beyond the reach of the AIBA although should he ever decide to return to the amateur game in a coaching capacity, it could become an issue. 

Conlan is unconcerned by that prospect and said: "When it comes to that stage, we’ll come to that stage, but it’s not going to happen. By the time I want to be a coach or whatever, those people won’t be in charge.

"I don’t know why they want to continue this. The fact they’ve fined me, it doesn’t bother me at all because until the day I die, I’ll never pay that fine."