By Padraic Ryan

John Joe Nevin is making a remarkable recovery from the attack that left him with two broken legs, and may return to the ring before the end of the year, according to his coach.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, Brian McKeown said Nevin’s response to his injury has been “terrific.”

“I’m delighted with his reaction,” McKeown said. “I’m delighted with his weight, and with his recovery.”

The Olympic silver-medallist was attacked on 5 April in Mullingar and suffered horrific injuries.

He has already returned to training, though McKeown said this was limited to core work and was concentrated on upper-body, defence, flexibility and reflexes. Mobility was still a problem, McKeown said.

He said that Nevin would start power-walking in about two weeks’ time if he was given the medical all-clear, and that this would come before he started running.

Nevin’s US promoters, Greenblood, had mentioned a possible fight in September, McKeown said, but he cautioned that they would get the 24-year-old running before a decision was taken on his readiness for a full return.

“We will progress at our own pace, and we’ll decide when he’s ready,” he said.

McKeown mooted the possibility of an initial return later in the year for Nevin, perhaps with a couple of low-key bouts in November, before he stepped up to the level that was expected of him.

He praised Nevin’s reaction to the brutal assault, saying that he had been concerned he would be psychologically affected by it, but that Nevin had made a great response.

“It’s been a team effort, and if we all do our job right he’ll be back sooner rather than later.”