Michaela Walsh and Joanna Lambe claimed victories for Ireland over Germany in their Elite Round Robin Hamburg on Friday evening.

The Holy Family BC and Carrickmacross BC duo secured wins in the bantam and feather classes in Wittenburg.

Ireland will meet Germany again on Saturday and Russia on Sunday. Germany are using two sides at the Round Robin tournament.


Elite Round Robin – Germany v Ireland:

51kg: Ceire Smith (Ireland) lost to Pinar Yilmaz (Germany)

54kg: Michaela Walsh (Ireland) beat Azize Nimani (Germany)

57kg: Joanna Lambe (Ireland) beat Sandra Atanassow (Germany)

60kg: Alanna Audley-Murphy (Ireland) lost to Tasheena Bugar (Germany)

64kg: Moira McElliggott (Ireland) lost to Irina Schönberger (Germany)

69kg: Clare Grace (Ireland) lost to Nadine Apetz (Germany)

75kg: Sinead Kavanagh (Ireland) lost to Andrea Strohmaier (Germany)


Ireland v Germany (5pm Irish time, 29 March)

51kg: Ceire Smith (Ireland) v Sarah Bormann (Germany)

54kg: Michael Walsh (Ireland) v Ornella Wahner (Germany)

57kg: Joanna Lambe (Ireland) v Sandra Peczkowski (Germany)

60kg: Alanna Audley-Murphy (Ireland) v Nina Meinke (Germany)

64kg: Moira McElliggott (Ireland) v Martina Schmoranzowa (Germany)

69kg: Clare Grace (Ireland) v  Carlota Hansen (Germany)

75kg: Sinead Kavanagh (Ireland) v Sarah Scheurich (Germany)