Former Irish heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has launched an astonishing attack on David Price in the aftermath of his rival's one-round destruction of Audley Harrison.

In an initial televised outburst, Fury lambasted Price, the fighter's promoter Frank Maloney and bizarrely suggested fellow Liverpudlian and British light-heavyweight champion Tony Bellew was the 29-year-old's "gay lover".

Fury then posted a video on his Twitter page where he told the 2008 Beijing Olympic bronze medallist "I'm going to put you in intensive care".

The statement echoed his much-criticised threat of "killing you in the ring" before he fought Dereck Chisora in July last year - a jibe for which he apologised.

Users of the social networking site objecting to his latest outburst, including Bellew, were then subjected to abusive replies from the Mancunian.

In the first defence of the British and Commonwealth titles he won against Sam Sexton in May after Fury elected to vacate instead of facing him, Price took just 82 seconds to dismantle Harrison before a fervent hometown crowd at Liverpool's Echo Arena.

While retirement almost certainly beckons for the 40-year-old former Olympic champion, Price has now knocked out 12 opponents in an unblemished 14-fight record and justifiably received numerous plaudits, with one notable exception.

Attending James DeGale's successful European super-middleweight title defence against France's Hadillah Mohoumadi, Fury was scathing when asked for his assessment of Price's triumph.

He told Channel 5: "To be honest, Harrison's the biggest bum inside boxing and my reaction to David Price and Frank Maloney calling me out - that midget (Maloney) yeah?

"I'll fight David Price any day of the week."

Turning to the camera to address Price directly, he added: "You see you, you plumber from Liverpool, it's personal between me and you and I'm going to do you some serious harm, you big, stiff idiot.

"Also - it's gonna need 10 plumbers to do you when I've got finished with you.

"Also, you are getting it - for sure. Call me out, call me any names and you are getting it.

"And you know your gay lover Tony Bellew? I'll fight him in between rounds."

Exactly what Price has said to rile Fury, who has previously spoken of his struggles with depression and mood-swings, is unclear as the two unbeaten heavyweights are regular conversation topics for one another in interviews.

However, the video he later posted on Twitter - after a clip apparently showing Fury flooring Price as an amateur and trailed by the tweet "Price u t***** u will not get up next time!!" - suggests the 24-year-old has taken exception to comments made by Maloney.

In the press conference after his man beat Harrison, Maloney announced Price would face seasoned veteran Matt Skelton on 8 December, but suggested "there are half a million pounds on the table" should Fury want to step in the ring.

In the video, Fury said: "Frank Maloney and David Price. I'm contacting your office in the morning you little midget.

"If you haven't got half a million that you've been bragging about, which I know you haven't, you're in deep trouble.

"David Price, I'm going to put you in intensive care, that's for sure mate.

"And you know your gay lover Tony Bellew? He's got to fight me in between the rounds as well.

"I want the two of you, you pair of t******."

Bellew returned fire on Twitter, constantly making reference to Fury's decision to pull out of a fight with Price shortly before purse bids for the contest were due to be opened at the British Boxing Board of Control's headquarters in Cardiff this February.

Bellew tweeted: "I'm still laughing at that interview! He's dressed like people on the Jeremy Kyle show an (sic) Dog The Bounty Hunter! #PriceDefendsHisTitles"