By Tadhg Peavoy

Ireland's Adam Nolan has won gold at the AIBA European Olympic Qualifying tournament in Trabzon, Turkey, defeating Germany's Patrick Wojcicki on a countback after a 14-14 draw.

The fight was close from the outset, with the judges scoring the first round at 3/3.

Wojcicki got the better of Nolan in the second, coming out 6/5 on top.

However, Nolan patiently picked off enough points to win the last 6/5.

The judges awarded the victory - and gold medal - to Nolan on a countback.

In addition to his gold medal, Nolan had already secured his place at the London Olympics by reaching the tournament's final.

John Joe Nevin, Darren O'Neill, Michael Conlan, Paddy Barnes and Nolan will all represent Ireland at the London Games.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport's Des Cahill, Nolan said: "I knew coming into the fight today, I knew was boxing a quality opponent.

"I sparred him in Germany about a month ago. And we boxed in the same tournament where the two of us picked up two bronze medals.

"He had three good wins under his belt at this tournament this week as well. He beat a Turkish lad by eight or nine points, so I knew I'd have to perform to my best to defeat him, you know.

"I left it late - it was very close. Luckily enough it went my way anyway."

Nolan has in fact come back to boxing after a break from the sport, which he discussed with Cahill.

"I won an All-Ireland title underage. Then I packed it in for four years and went to college," said Nolan.

"I started back when I joined the Guards I suppose, and I got stationed in Bray. And I went down to Pete Taylor, Katie Taylor's father. That was in 2008 in suppose. I packed in the hurling, that was a big sacrifice you know.

"For the last four years I've been working to get to here. Thankfully today it's eventually come."

When asked what the future holds, Nolan said he will dicuss his Olympic preparations with his employers.

"I'm going to go home and enjoy this victory with my family, friends and a few colleagues over the next few weeks. But I'll have to sit down with my bosses in Bray and see where I go for the next couple of months," he said.

"The next couple of months are going to be a hectic schedule, but up until now they've looked after me very well.

"So, hopefully, I can sort something out for the next couple of months. Please, God.

"I suppose it's going to be all hands on deck between now and the Olympics. So, I suppose I'll be looking for a couple of months off between now and the Olympics.

"I just want to concentrate on my training and preparing the best that I can for the Olympic Games."

Nolan went on say that the Ireland boxing team would be arriving into Dublin Airport at 3pm * on Sunday, before he heads back to his native Wexford. (* Note change)

The Enniscorthy man also discussed the fact Ireland have five male boxers qualified for the Olympics.

"There's five of us. It's great. Our aim before the worlds in Baku last year was five, so I suppose we've reached our target you know," he said.

"It's great there's the five of us going."

Nolan and Ireland head coach Billy Walsh go way back, as Nolan revealed.

"I won an All-Ireland under Billy in 1999. He got this big job in 2003. I gave up in 2004, but we reunited, I suppose, in the high performance last year after I won my first senior title," said Nolan.

"Apart from training with my head coach Pete Taylor in Bray Boxing Club, I do a lot of training with Billy Walsh in the high performance as well. We go back a long way."