David Haye believes there could be no better time to fight IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko than now.

The Hayemaker is grateful for the chance to challenge the Ukrainian star in front of 60,000 fans at Schalke's famous football ground on 20 June.

Haye said: ‘If I did not fight Wladimir now, he would never fight me.

‘I would keep knocking people out like I have done all my career and he would just keep running away from me. He fights people who are over the hill and finished.

‘He thinks I am a small guy from cruiserweight but on June 20 he will find out that I am a real heavyweight.’

Haye has no doubts that Klitschko has been overrated for years.

Haye claimed: ‘He has a mental weakness.

‘He got hurt by people who were not supposed to hurt him. I will expose his heart and his chin.

‘When it gets rough, he goes down. Unless Wladimir gets his chin transplanted, he will not get to the 12th round. It will not happen.’

The 28-year-old has declared war on the whole Klitschko family, predicting he will ‘take out’ Wladimir's older brother Vitali, who holds the WBC belt, after beating Wladimir.

He added: ‘I will dispose of the whole family.

‘I could beat them on the same night, but I will take out Wladimir first and Vitali in the next fight. Maybe Vitali can jump in to save his brother (on 20 June).

‘But he looks old and grey now. I will get Vitali to throw the towel, he will have to pick his brother up from the floor and carry you out of the ring.’

Haye hopes that a whole army of British boxing fans will support him in what will be the biggest fight of his career.

Haye said: ‘I have been getting thousands of emails asking for tickets so I expect a lot of fans to come over.

‘It will be a great night in a fantastic stadium.’

Klitschko has expressed his disappointment about not fighting at Stamford Bride.

He said: ‘I am sad we did not fight at Chelsea's stadium. I was looking forward to that. David and his manager had promised it to me and I thought it would be a nice challenge to fight in such a stadium.

‘But from him all that came was hot air. He is just a trash talker.’

Haye created a stir by wearing a t-shirt with a caricature of him holding the Klitschkos' heads in his hands.

Klitschko said: ‘I am disgusted at his behaviour, especially at his t-shirt, and I will make him pay for it.

‘It will be a long and fun process to knock him out in the 12th round.’