Basketball Ireland are seeking clarification from the government after their plans for the start of the new Super League and Division One seasons were thrown into disarray by new Covid-19 restrictions.

Last week Basketball Ireland were forced to cancel their season opening weekend following a meeting of the Return to Sport Expert Group and the rolling out of enhanced Level 3 restrictions.

With the country subsequently placed under Level 5 restrictions, plans have been quickly drawn up for a shortened season which will start in January and will run to either March or April.

However with no clear signals from the authorities as to when 'non-elite' team sports will be allowed to return, Basketball Ireland want clarity.

Basketball Ireland Chief Executive, Bernard O'Byrne, said: "As an organisation that has gone out of its way to comply with all guidelines and even to add further restrictions internally, I have to admit to being disappointed at the lack of information and consultation of the decision to halt our National Leagues.

"Our 51 National League teams across the country had spent a lot of money, time and effort in preparing for the season and all our protocols had been approved by the Sport Expert Group.

"We understand the pressure decision-makers are under, but communication is a basic necessity in these times and we feel very let down.

"The Men's National Competitions Committee are taking this re-focussing initiative, which the Women's National Competitions Committeehave indicated they’re likely to follow too. We know this will not please everybody in the sport, but we feel that this is the best of several not-ideal options left to us.

"We ask everybody for their co-operation."

Basketball Ireland aren't the only sporting body looking for answers. The Golf Union of Ireland are seeking clarification from Sport Ireland and the government on whether or not golf clubs are permitted to let their members play.