Shamrock Rovers Hoops Basketball Club has announce its decision to withdraw from the Nivea For Men’s SuperLeague for the 2010/11 season due to financial constraints.

Explaining the decision, Shamrock Rovers Hoops club chairperson Bride Saunders said: 'In the current economic environment, it has become impossible for us to fund the SuperLeague team in the SuperLeague. We tried everything to attract local sponsorship, pointing to the huge contribution that Hoops play in the locality, but unfortunately we were unsuccessful.'

'We obviously hope this is a temporary measure as it has been an honour to participate in the premier men’s league in Ireland and it is important for the long term future of the club that we can participate at that level,' added Saunders.

Meanwhile, Pat Duffy, Chairman of the SuperLeague Management Board said: 'The Men's SuperLeague Board has agreed to suspend the Shamrock Rovers Hoops Licence for the coming season, to allow the club the opportunity consolidate and strengthen its infrastructure and financial position.

'The Board will be working with the club to ensure that there will be viable playing opportunities for Hoops’ SuperLeague players, while not compromising the club's intention to re-establish their position in the League in the 2011-2012 season.'