The National Indoor Athletics Training Centre is to be repurposed to assist with emergency refugee accommodation, Sport Ireland has announced.

The decision comes in the wake on a request from the Government and will see the training centre used as accommodation for up to six weeks as part of an emergency response initiative.

Sport Ireland admitted that the decision will have an impact on the regular users of the facility, but it believes that the temporary measure has the backing of those who will be affected by the decision.

Sport Ireland Chief Executive Dr Una May said: "Sport Ireland is pleased to be in a position to respond positively to the Government's request to make the National Indoor Athletics Training Centre available to support the ongoing refugee accommodation challenges.

"This emergency initiative will be for a period of up to six weeks, allowing the relevant authorities to provide more permanent accommodation for the refugees. Following this, the arena will be available for the beginning of the indoor athletics season.

"Sport has been a welcome lifeline for many refugees arriving into Ireland in recent months and the wider sport sector is to be commended in that regard. Sport Ireland Facilities will be offering the use of the facilities on the Sport Ireland Campus for use by the refugees for the duration of their stay.

"Sport Ireland would like to place on record its gratitude to customers of the National Indoor Athletics Training Centre for their patience and understanding on this matter."