Irish marathon runner Stephen Scullion has rowed back on a retirement announcement and said he remains fully focused on competing at next summer's Tokyo Games.

On Saturday, Scullion won a 10km event at Down Royal racecourse. Yet, hours later the 31-year-old tweeted his intention to retire.

It was the second time the Belfast competitor said he was walking away, having played rugby briefly before returning in 2018 and embarking on his quest to make the Olympic Games. That goal was achieved six months ago after a race in Houston.

On Sunday afternoon, he said announcing he was finished with the sport was a "rash decision".

"Things got a little too much for me and I made a rash decision to announce some form of retirement," he said.

"Retiring isn't that easy, and I didn't speak to anyone about it.

"I've found training solo tough and I'm used to training camps with coaches, a physio and friends around me 24/7. The answer might be that I don't retire but try my best to relocate somewhere I can have that company/support.

"From the messages I've received it's really lovely to hear that I've inspire people and you've enjoyed following my career until now. It's never bloody straightforward with me and having read all the tweets and messages you're all so right and I couldn't retire in peace knowing how close we got to the Olympics and bigger things ahead."

Last week, Scullion spoke to RTÉ Sport about getting focused for the rescheduled Tokyo Games next summer, and how working with a sport psychologist helped him to reevaluate things during the lockdown.