Sport Ireland has welcomed the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to suspend the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) from participation in the PyeongChang Games.
Commenting on the decision, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland John Treacy said: "The decision of the IOC to suspend the Russian Olympic Committee with immediate effect is welcome in the interest of protecting clean athletes.

"The decision sets a strong precedent and sends out a clear message that state-sponsored doping and the subversion of anti-doping will not be tolerated.
"While the IOC states that it may partially or fully lift the suspension of the ROC from the commencement of the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Games, it is important that any decision relating to the reinstatement is only taken once the ‘WADA Roadmap’ recommendations are fully implemented."
Sport Ireland Director of Participation and Ethics, Dr Una May, added: "The announcement of the IOC decision to suspend Russia is a welcome one for all those who believe in protecting the integrity of sport.

"Together with our international iNADO colleagues, Sport Ireland has been consistently calling for strong sanctions against Russia in light of what was uncovered in the McLaren Report and confirmed by the Oswald Commission.