Road To Rio is a six-part series that captures the ecstatic highs and crushing lows as Ireland's medal hopefuls- across a range of disciplines - train, compete and try to qualify for Rio 2016.

The audience will be watching on as the tension builds before big qualifying events, as these athletes strive to reach the pinnacle of sporting achievement- the Olympics.

Focusing not just on sport, this observational documentary series also draws a clearer picture of these exceptional people and how they balance a world-class training regimes with living their everyday lives.

Drawn from urban and rural backgrounds across Ireland, the would-be Olympians compete in a wide range of disciplines - Boxing, Modern Pentathlon, Race Walking, Sailing, Showjumping, Sprint Hurdles, Swimming, Taekwondo, Track Cycling, and the Marathon - featuring a mix of first timers full of hunger, alongside experienced campaigners who know how much sacrifice lies ahead.

While we would like all our athletes to win gold medals, inevitably for some, the Road To Rio will end in disappointment.

Many of our sporting hopefuls struggle to finance their dream of representing the nation, while having to stay focused on the end game. As they train to be one of the world’s best, Road To Rio shines a light on the effect this level of dedication has on their personal and private lives.

Episode 1 debuts at 2030 on Wednesday May 11th 2016 on RTÉ2
Episode 2 airs at 2030 on Wednesday 18th 2016 on RTÉ2