Irish athlete Roisin McGettigan is to be retrospectively awarded the bronze medal for the 2009 European Indoors 1500m race.

The winner of that race, Anna Alminova of Russia, has had all her results since February 2009 cancelled, and been given a 30-month suspension, due to irregularities in her biological passport.

Spain’s Natalia Rodríguez will now be awarded the gold medal from that race.

"To be upgraded five years later seems a bit silly really but it's good because it means they're catching the cheats now," McGettigan told the Irish Independent.

"A medal would have been nice but probably meant more to my family and those who supported me. The moment is lost now and it certainly is a strange way to get one."

"So many Russians have been caught in the last two years that it confirms what we suspected, that we were competing on an uneven playing field.

"But it's not just about the medals. The problem is that they (cheats) set the bar unrealistically high, which directly affects everyone else.

"That's the thing about doping, it makes clean athletes doubt what they're doing. You train harder to try and reach their standards and that often leads to injuries or illness."