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Today with Sean O'Rourke

Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Under 6 GP Care

Under 6 GP Care

Martin Rouse, GP in Tipperary, spoke to Sean about the 60% of GPs in Ireland who have signed up for the free GP care for under 6s scheme. 

Martin is one of those who hasn't signed up. 

Closure of Clery's Department Store

Closure of Clery's Department Store

Susie Gaynor McGowan, a former Clery's worker up until Friday, joined Sean in studio to talk about how staff were treated and what employees and their unions are doing now to get answers. 

Damien O'Reilly, lecturer in retail management at DIT, also joined and spoke of what is planned for the building. 

Pay Talks - Side Deals

Pay Talks - Side Deals

Last month, as we know the national public sector pay talks concluded with public servants set to receive a €2,000 pay increase over two years.

Under the Lansdowne Road Agreement, the payments will be lodged in three installments between January 2016 and September 2017.

What is less well known is that as part of those talks, several ‘side deals’ were also negotiated with Unions.  The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has not released details of these ‘side deals,’ but many have leaked out or have been published on trade union websites.

Joining Sean to tell us more was Martin Wall, Industrial Relations correspondent from the Irish Times.

 Read More: IMO urges doctors not to pay new Medical Council fee, Martin Wall, Irish Times, 10th June 2015

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

In recent weeks the representative body of GPs in Australia have asked pharmacists to clear their shelves of homeopathic products, and warned doctors not to prescribe them. At the same time in the UK, it emerged that letters from Prince Charles, published through Freedom of Information by the Guardian, included lobbying for ministers to fund complementary medicine under the NHS system.

So are alternative medicines a harmless option that should be made available to those who desire or are they ineffective and misleading products that can ultimately damage our health system?

Joining Sean in studio was Dr Dilis Clare, a GP and herbalist and on the line Dr David Robert Grimes, physicist at Oxford University and science journalist.

Read More: Homeopathy does not work beyond a placebo effect, David Robert Grimes, The Irish Times, 20th Sept 2012

HSE Under 6s and Cross Border Health Care

Hundreds of thousands of people who are on lengthy waiting lists for hospital treatments here now have the legal right to travel to the North or any other EU country for care including surgery, scans or specialist consultations  – and the HSE must foot the bill.

The new law highlighted in yesterday Sunday Business Post will enable public patients to access both public and private hospitals overseas.

Declan Doyle, who has been campaigning to spread awareness of this and John Hennessy, National Director of Primary Care from the HSE joined Sean. 

John Hennessy recommends people visit or to register their child for free under 6s GP care.

Read More: HSE expresses alarm over EU healthcare rule, Carl O'Brien, The Irish Times, 15th June 2015

Kevin Cardiff Leaks

Kevin Cardiff Leaks

There’ll be plenty of people keeping a very close eye on the Banking Inquiry thisThursday. The leaked written evidence of the former Secretary General in the Department of Finance, Kevin Cardiff, which was published over the weekend, is at odds with what the Inquiry has already been told about what happened on the night of the Banking Guarantee.

Mr Cardiff also has plenty to say about Jean Claude Trichet, burning the bond-holders and how he believes Ireland was forced into the bail-out. Joining Sean was Tom Lyons, Business Editor of the Sunday Business Post.

Clinton v Bush

Clinton v Bush

This weekend, Hillary Clinton officially launched her presidential campaign, while today Jeb Bush is expected to officially throw his hat into the ring.

Joining Sean in studio was Dr. Graham Finlay, from UCD’s School of Politics and International Relations.

Read More: Jeb Bush prepares to launch candidacy, regain lost momentum, Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald, 14th June 2015

Read More: Hillary Clinton launches campaign with memories of mom, FDR, Rick Hampson, USA Today, 14th June 2015

Weekend Sport

Weekend Sport

We’re turning to the weekend in sport, and our Euro 2016 hopes took a heavy blow with Saturday’s draw against Scotland, while in GAA Mayo, Donegal and Kerry turned on the style in the senior football championships.

In studio were Damian Lawlor, sports writer with the Sunday Independent, and also sports writer Orla Bannon.




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