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    Airbus A320 Crash

    German police have made what they’re describing as a significant find at the home of Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who deliberately crashed Germanwings flight 9525 into a mountain. The 28 year old killed himself and 149 other people. The victims include 16 school-children and 2 babies. The question is everyone is asking is how could Andreas Lubitz do this.

    Keelin spoke to Professor Robert Bor, who’s a psychologist and former pilot and asked him to explain the co-pilot’s actions, she was later joined by Derek Scally of the Irish Times who is in Berlin.


    Good Friday Ban on Alcohol

    Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke wants the Good Friday ban on alcohol to be lifted in time for Easter 2016.

    Mr Burke, who is himself a recovering alcoholic, believes that stopping the sale of alcohol on Good Friday is an outdated and draconian law.

    And the Lord Mayor joined Keelin earlier, he tells Christy Burke why he's calling for this ban to be lifted?  

    Read More: Mayor wants 'draconian' Good Friday booze ban lifted before 1916 centenary, Kirsty Blake Knox, Irish Independent, 27th Mar 2015


    The Battle for Number 10

    The first big TV set piece of the UK general election campaign happened last night when Ed Miliband and David Cameron were grilled by Jeremy Paxman and the studio audience. The leaders didn’t face each other as it wasn’t a straightforward debate but still got pretty heated.

    Political commentator Noel Welan and Michael Crick of Channel 4 discussed.


    Callan's Kicks

    As is the case every Friday morning, we give you a taster of tonight's installment of Oliver Callan's political, sport and entertainment world satire 'Callan's Kicks'

    Tune in to RTE Radio 1 at 6.30pm tonight to hear the programme in full. 


    Romantic Fiction

    Romantic fiction often gets a bad rap, but chances are we’ll all be sneaking a few into our suitcases this summer for the basic reason that they provide us with enormous reading pleasure.

    So just what are the pleasures of romantic fiction? Keelin was this morning joined by two women who know plenty about it, authors Cathy Kelly and Susan Lannigan.

    ‘It Started With Paris’ by Cathy Kelly and 'White Feather' by Susan Lanigan are both out now. 

    Read More: Best romantic novels of all time, The Telegraph, 1st May 2015 


    Family Courts

    This morning we returned to the Family Courts in Dolphin House in Dublin where Valerie Cox had been sitting in on some of the cases being heard.



    Now, while it's easy to mock the beards, the tattoos, the skinny jeans and the old fashioned bicycles, the hipster generation are beginning to have an impact on businesses, particular in the area of food and beverages. Our reporter Brian O'Connell brings us this report.

    Read More: Can hipsters save the world? Ed Cumming, The Guardian, 8th Mar 2015.

    Contact Brian here.


    The Gathering

    Our weekly review of the stories and events that have been making the news - Our Gathering panel to a look back on at Irish Water and where it stands now, the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson and new figures from the ESRI that suggest the economy is on the road to recovery.

    Plus, this week’s political poll and what it means for the main parties and Diageo’s stepping down from the board of the sensible drinking campaign.

    In studio this morning were Eoin Ronayne, General Secretary of the Civil Public and Services Union, economist Jim Power, Katie Hannon, Political Correspondent with RTE Current Affairs and Mick Clifford, Special Correspondent with the Irish Examiner.

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