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The History Show Sunday 29 March 2020

The History Show

The History Show

How Ireland's northern frontier was initially established in the early 1920s; the battle on the Donegal Fermanagh border in 1922; stories from The Irish War of Independence in Longford; and a look at the career of Seán Mac Eoin during the conflict. 

Beginning of the Border

Beginning of the Border

One hundred years ago today, the Government of Ireland Act was passed by the British Parliament. Also known as the 'Fourth Home Rule Bill', the The Act was the first step towards partition, and the ultimate exclusion of the six counties in the north from an independent Irish state. We’re going to hear now some detail on the early history of the Northern Ireland border.

A report from Marc McMenamin outlines how this Act ultimately culminated in the largest military engagement between the IRA and British Forces in Ireland since 1916 – a confrontation known as the The Battle Of Pettigo And Belleek. 

In the report we hear from Cormac Moore, author of the book Birth of the Border: The Impact of Partition in Ireland which is published by Irish Academic Press. We also hear from Donegal local historian Brian Drummond

The War of Independence in Longford

The War of Independence in Longford

As the decade of centenaries rolls on, we'll continue to explore the events of the years 1919 to 1921, and how the war played out in various counties, towns and parishes around Ireland. For the rest of the programme this evening, we’re focusing on Longford. 

Recently our producer, Lorcan Clancy, visited Lanesborough, a small town in the south of that county, to discover some of the local stories from the period that took place in one small town. He talks to local historian John Casey

Then we take a look at the career of Seán Mac Eoin, who was the most prominent leader in the county and the Commandant of the North Longford Flying Column. Our researcher, historian and author Liz Gillis has been trawling through the RTÉ Archives and uncovering interviews Mac Eoin gave in the 1960s, where he details his own role in the conflict. 

Virtual Hindsight Festival

Virtual Hindsight Festival

Regrettably, we had no option but to cancel the Hindsight Festival that was due to take place from 20-22 March. Apologies to all those who have purchased tickets for the event and to our guest speakers. We are contacting ticket purchasers who are entitled to refunds.

To partially mitigate any disappointment, while not putting anyone at risk, we have put together a 'virtual festival'. Click here to visit the website and check out some of the content making up the virtual festival. 

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