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    Sunday with Miriam Sunday 1 May 2016

    Declan Sinnott

    Miriam’s live music this morning comes from a man who was a member of bands like Horslips and Moving Hearts, before going on tour for many years with Mary Black and Christy Moore.  Declan Sinnott is one of Ireland’s greatest guitarists and - in the last few years - he’s recorded his own songs on two solo albums. 

    Declan will be playing live at the DC Music Club in Dublin on Friday 20th May.

    The 1981 Hunger Strike

    This morning, 35 years after one of the biggest political turning points in Ireland - the 1981 hunger strike - Miriam's guests are the brothers of three of the men who died at that traumatic time.  After Bobby Sands, the second man to die in the hunger strike was Francis Hughes, whose brother Oliver Hughes joins us; along with Raymond McCreesh’s brother Malachy McCreesh; and Kevin Lynch’s brother, Gerald Lynch.


    Malachy McCreesh, Gerald Lynch and Oliver Hughes

    Malachy McCreesh, Gerald Lynch and Oliver Hughes with Miriam O Callaghan.

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