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The Ryan Tubridy Show Thursday 9 June 2016

The Ryan Tubridy Show

The Ryan Tubridy Show

The Ryan Tubridy Show presented by Dave Fanning is a fast paced entertaining and informative sixty minutes of morning radio.

Matilda Doll has been found!

We spoke to Claire Gray on Tuesday about losing an extremely important doll on a trip to Dublin Zoo. Thanks to the efforts of Paul McDonnell, and the folks at Phoenix Park, Claire and Matilda Doll have been reunited!

Katie Koestner - Date Rape

In 1991 Katie Koestner was raped on her college campus and her decision to go public resulted in the term "date rape" entering the English language. Katie joined Dave on the line from Philadelphia to talk about her story and how her appearance on the cover of Time magazine sparked a national conversation on the subject.

Conor - Euro 2016 Passport Catastrophe!!

Conor joined Dave on the line from his place in the queue in the Passport Office to explain his desperate bid to rescue the holiday of a lifetime!

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Every Other Freckle

Every Other Freckle



She Bangs The Drums

She Bangs The Drums

The Stone Roses


Programme Highlights

Paul McGrath

Ryan caught up with Irish football legend, Paul McGrath, to talk about his involvement as an ambassador for Repak's Team Green and how he has been since the passing of his mother just a few weeks ago.

Mother in a Nursing Home

In February Laura drove her mother to a nursing home as her dementia was worsening by the day. Only a few weeks later Ireland went into lockdown. Laura spoke to Ryan about her incredible mother their heartbreaking separation.

Following Your Intuition

Darragh Carroll is a man who follows his own intuition and it has taken him on an extraordinary journey. Since last November he has been making his way from an island off Norway carrying a sacred flame which he is bringing to the hill of Uisneach.



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