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Ray Darcy Monday 25 February 2019

Christmas Card For Barry 

You might remember Barry Connolly from Co.Meath, who loved receiving cards and after we spoke to his mum Sharon about it, Barry received over 4,800 birthday cards in September of this year. 

Well, we’ve had an email in to the show saying;

"Could you please email me name & address for Barry, the 30 year old that his Mam asked for cards for his birthday this year.

I can't find his details ( in spite of knowing I saved them) & would like to send a Christmas Card...thank you"

Kind Regards 

Mary Frances

We’ve checked with Barry’s mum Sharon and she’s ok with us sharing the address again and that’s Barry Connolly, Carranstown, Ballivor, Co Meath

The Ray D'Arcy Show

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On today's show, funding the drug Spinraza, property manager Ciara Sheahan, Pricewatch with Conor Pope, who sold the €10m lotto running ticket and Mary Jennings on running

Property Consultant Ciara Sheahan

Property Consultant Ciara Sheahan

We got this email in to 
" My name is Ciara, I am the property consultant for This Crowded House with Brendan Courtney. Since the programme has aired, I am constantly asked to advise buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords who find themselves confused, 
lost and despondent in the current property market. I think there is an appetite for a fresh perspective with  honest, realistic advice in an ever changing market. Property affects everyone of us. And while it might just be bricks and mortar to on paper, our homes, our housing position and our families stability all comes back to property.  I'm in property since 2004. I was the marketing manager of RE/MAX Ireland, then I opened my own office in City West.  I have wealth of experience dealing with buyers, sellers, tenants, solicitors, homeless HAP,  dodgy neighbors, normal HAP,  deals falling through, hoarders, gazumping and broken hearts. .."

She came into studio this afternoon to chat to Ray

Pricewatch - Conor Pope

Pricewatch - Conor Pope

Conor Pope joins us once again to champion your consumer issues, if you have a consumer problem you can send it to

Get Running, Forget the Gym, Get Fit and Have Fun

Get Running, Forget the Gym, Get Fit and Have Fun

The gym may not be everyones ideal way of getting fit. One woman who believes the best way to get fit, clear the head soak in the fresh air is Mary Jennings, author of Get Running, Forget the Gym, Get Fit and Have Fun chats to Ray this afternoon

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