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Morning Ireland

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Morning Ireland Monday 2 October 2017

Morning Ireland

Morning Ireland

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Gunman opens fire at open-air country music festival in Las Vegas

Casey Morell, Radio Producer for public radio in Las Vegas, brings us the latest on a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert

Spanish Government defends its response to Catalan independence referendum

Raphael Minder, New York Times correspondent for Spain and Portugal and author of The Struggle for Catalonia, reports on Sunday's contentious referendum

Catalan govt says 90% voted to leave Spain

Reporter Louise Byrne spoke to Albert Llussa, a Dublin-based human rights lawyer who returned home to Catalonia to take part in the referendum; Jordi Sole, Catalan MEP for the Republican Left of Catalonia party, outlines his response to last night's referendum

Figures show extent of hoarding of residential land which is exacerbating the housing crisis

Barry Cowen, Fianna Fail's housing spokesperson, discusses figures obtained from NAMA which show the extent of hoarding of residential land

Goodbody says level of housebuilding in Ireland 'substantially below' what official data suggests

Dermot O'Leary, Chief Economist with Goodbody Stockbrokers, says figures using building energy ratings suggest the level of house building in Ireland is well below what official data suggests

Gear washed ashore may belong to missing R116 crew

Pat McGrath, Western Correspondent, reports that a helmet and a life jacket washed ashore near Blacksod, Co Mayo, are believed to belong to missing R116 crew

Conservative Party's annual conference taking place in Manchester

George Parker, Political Editor with the Financial Times, discusses the Conservative Party's annual conference which is taking place in Manchester

Victims of German U-boat attack remembered

Cian McCormack reports on a special weekend commemoration for the men and women killed when two ships from Dublin port were torpedoed by German U-boats in 1917

Spike Island named 'Europe's Leading Tourist Attraction' at 2017 World Travel Awards

John Crotty, Fortress Spike Island General Manager, reacts to the news that Spike Island has been named 'Europe's Leading Tourist Attraction' at the 2017 World Travel Awards

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Morning Ireland

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Sustaining the Islands: Connectivity

Juliette Gash, reports from Arranmore off the Donegal coast, where a digital hub is allowing residents to work remotely

Sustaining the Islands: Island Life

Juliette Gash reports on the issue of how islands could become more sustainable

Sustaining the Islands: Sustainable Tourism

Juliette Gash reports on sustainable tourism, sustainable energy and sustaining life on Ireland's islands



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