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Tuesday 20th December 2011


Baroness Rosa Kenda wrote “The Baron & Rosa” about her husband’s experiences after World War 1. Nuala Lyons and Adeline Bolton met at a book club and both went on to self-publish crime novels. Maxwell McCann has written a fantasy novel for young adults called “Saberhilt”. Joe talks to self-published authors on today’s show. Gerry Carron and Brian O’Sullivan are both bankers who have self published books.

They tell him about their books and the process of self publishing.

Self published books 2011

· Recession busters’ business bible – why choose failure when success is an option? By Rory & Gerry Carron

· The Season by Mike Geoghegan

· Home City by Nuala Lyons

· A very different county by Robert Mulhern

· The Red carpet by Fran O’Brien

· Revive the spirit ‘Poetry & Art of our time’ by Michael McDonald

· Bankruptured by Randy O'Toole

· Negligent behaviour by Josepha Madigan

· Under the Avalanche by Anne McCabe

· The dirty islanders by Dee Throwaway

· A deadly greed by Adeline Bolton

· The best laid schemes by Eugene Owens

· The Heron’s Flood by Evelyn Walsh

· Poppy’s birthday Tea Party by Jillian Stout

· March away my brothers by Brendan MacQuale

· Murder in a sleepy town by Anne Crosse

· Xceptionalize: Success secrets for students by Kevin Kelly

· The James Connolly story By Sean Farrell

· Natural health through wiser living by Mary T. Keane

· Earth angels are everywhere are you one? By Dolores Keaveney

· The Rattler Mickey Byrne by Michael Dundon and The Byrne family

· Sabrehilt by Maxwell McCann

· Cranium Kid (The boy of the head) by David Byrne & Natalie McGlynn

· Under Connemara skies Towards light by Martina Goggin

· Let’s read a story by Jerry Mulvihill

· The Baron & Rosa by Baroness Rosa Kende

· A Cat’s Soliloquy – learning Japanese through poetry by Mitsue Jimi

· It wasn’t me – The story of Pollux and Castor by Jill Ferreira

· England is perfectly still by Trevor Carolan

· Free Spirits- Irish travellers and Irish Traditional Music by Tommy Fegan & Oliver O’Connell

· Wise & Witty Words of Wonder – by Don Kelly

· Fat and Fed up No More! 7 steps to permanent Natural weight loss by Catherine Hassett

· Open to love by Norah Clifford Kelly

· Northside – 117 Views of The Liffey Bridges, paintings By artist Tom Byrne

· Eggshells & Broken Dreams by J.P Rodgers

· Daisy thinks Big by Audrey Fitzgerald

· Psychosilly by Alan Murphy

· Tales of old Ireland and Australia by Ned Egan

· Oh! Pére Lachaise- The Trials and Tribulations of Oscar Wilde by Jim Yates

· ‘Shh! ‘Don’t Tell;’ – A true story of survival by Miriam Moriarty Owens

· Karena the Fairy trilogy by Mary McShane

· No Love Here – A priest’s journey by Martin Gordon

· Take it easy by Michael MacDonald

· Singing the Blues – The long walk back to happiness on Hill 16 by Paul Huggard

· Fifty Years behind the Counter by Kevin duffy

· Take your Ease & Rest awhile enjoy some poetry from Renvyle by Daniel Sammon

· Coda – Journey of a freeborn clone by G.M. Ellerbeck

· Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland by Jane Donald

· Adam’s amazing adventures by Benji Bennett

· Spirits of Wood Quay by Geraldine O’Connell Cusack

· My great sporting memories- from local Club to Olympic Games by Lorcan O’Rourke

· Kembali – Return of the mystic by Jan Taki

· The Adventures of Pippy & Dippy The Outside World by Jim Bartley

· The flight of a magpie by Billy Costine

· Your health and welcome to it by Cathy Breslin & Dr. Garvan Browne

· A harvest of memories – Rural Ireland from the 30’s to present times by Dick Jeffers

· Jack’s fantastic Journey by Emmet Boyle

· Love to change? Then Change to love by Marian Egan

· Collected short stories by John M. Byrne

· Dandelion by Audrey Shanahan

· Twisters: Short stories with a twist in the tale by David Jones

· Under an Irish Sky, A John Morgan novel by Darren Darker

· Sometimes it just happens by Carol Fitzgerald

· The Nymph’s cookbook by Adrian Boland

· I have travelled this country, songs of Cathal McConnell compiled by Gerry O’Connor

· Gold Rays by Kathleen Maddy

· Crumlin Cookies by Nancy Looney

· W.B. Yeats Seanad Eireann speeches 1922-28 by Michael Manning

· Soccer History- Westport United 1911-2011, editor Pádraig Burns

· Sleep with Buteyko by Patrick McKeown

· String and Rindabytes – Tales and poems on life, love and lunacy by Niall Herriott

· Looking towards the past Topical Talks of the 60’s by Myles O’Farrell compiled by Ursula O’Farrell

· Show me the prisoner and I’ll show you a young man, a memoir by Patricia Farren

· Snowstorm of doubt and grace by Ken & Caitriona Hume

· Hy-Tuirtre – Trials and Tribulations in a Ulster Kingdom by Patrick J Flynn

· The Ancestors within – a search for soul purpose by Tom Hyde

· God’s little Errand Boys- Christian clergymen who helped the jews come home by Yanky Fachler

  • David Norris - Trial by media by Joe Jackson

· The Lobby Bar - Music Through the Windows of Union Quay, Cork – By Monica McNamara



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