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Brendan O'Connor Saturday 21 November 2020

Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor presents a live stimulating mix of news, interviews, reports and discussion.

Covid vaccines

Consultant in Infectious Diseases at the Mater Hospital & UCD Jack Lambert spoke about the Covid vaccines.

Covid Update

Behavioural Economist with the ESRI Pete Lunn spoke with Brendan about the level 5 restrictions and shares his tips on how to plan for the Christmas.

Mark Moriarty

Chef Mark Moriarty chats about a return to the programme 'Beyond The Menu' as well as the restrictions on restaurants and the resilience of many restaurant owners across the country.

Coping with Covid

Journalist Rachel O'Neill chats with Brendan about how Covid is taking it's toll on people in their twenties.

Gary Numan

Brendan spoke with musician Gary Numan about Gary's life, his heros and turning fifty. His book is (R)evolution: The Autobiography.

Brent Pope

Brent Pope shares his views on the Irish rugby team playing England at Twickenham as part of the new Nations Cup competition.

Jarlath Regan

Comedian Jarlath Regan talks about taking part in an online exhibition on grief called 'Lost For Words' which can be found at

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