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Profile interview: Norah Casey joins Marian in studio to discuss her life and her progression from nurse to dragon! She also talks about running the biggest publishing company in Ireland, she and her husband's struggle to have children and her husband Richard's recent succumbing to cancer.

Tony Bates joins us in studio to talk about therapy and how it works. He also mentions two books that illustrate, in literary terms, how it works;
1) Dibs in Search of Self," by Virginia M. Axline
2) "The Unsayable," by Annie Rogers

Fish and the Irish: Marian talks to presenter of, "Martin's Mad About Fish," Martin Shanahan, who owns Fishy Fishy Restaurant in Kinsale, and to Dr. Máirtín Mac con Iomaire, lecturer in Culinary Arts in D.I.T., about Ireland's fish history, love affair with fish, fish stocks, how to cook fish....and all other things fishy!

Tom Mueller, author of, "Extra Virginity - the Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, "talks to Marian about olive oil production, consumption, health benefits, prices - and how you know if it's a good oil or not.

Last but by no means least, Mark O'Regan and Joe O'Shea join Marian in studio to talk about the latest film releases and new television series