Some frequency asked questions about the RTÉ Radio Player app are below. Find general support queries for RTÉ Radio apps and websites here.

Is féidir teacht ar an leagan Gaeilge anseo

Frequency Asked Questions

What's available on RTÉ Radio Player?

The RTÉ Radio Player app allows you to live stream and listen back to all shows from RTÉ Radio's stations, alongside a wide range of original podcasts.

The listen back schedule shows you a week's worth of radio. The amount of clips and podcasts available on the app varies, but you can search the entire archive of available content at

On rare occasions, rights restrictions may limit our ability to make content available on-demand.

How do I change radio station?

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the app to display the menu. The radio selector is at the bottom of the menu.

You can also scroll down to a row of "Live Radio & Podcasts" to make your selection.

How do I see what has been broadcast on the radio? Is there a listen back schedule available?

Select a radio station and click on the menu item "Listen Back" and you will see a calendar view which features all shows from the past 7 days as well as list of shows due to broadcast over the next 7 days. A small play icon denotes on-demand availability.

For content for further back, visit in your browser to search.

How do I view individual clips and items from a radio show on RTÉ Radio Player?

To view individual clips, click on the menu and click on "Clips & Podcasts" and select a show.

Note: not all programmes make clips available. If you have any queries about this, please contact the programme team directly. Details on how to contact them will be on their page at

How do I access Podcasts on the app on RTÉ Radio Player?

You will find a row of original and featured podcasts on every radio station's page, or in the "Live Radio & Podcasts" row, you can click on the last item in the list - "RTÉ Podcasts".

Can I share things in RTÉ Radio Player?

You can share podcast episodes by going in to any podcast's episode listing and tapping the three little dots on the right. This will give you options to 'Share', 'Play' and 'Download'. Tap 'Share' to activate your device's sharing menu and send the content to apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or Gmail.

We will be restoring the ability to share Listen Back radio content with a URL in a future update.

Can I search in the app?

Right now there's no facility to search in the app. We advise you visit in your web browser to dig through RTÉ's full catalogue of audio content.

Can I download content for offline listening?

Yes, you can download any speech-based podcast. Go into any podcast/series listing and tap the three dots on the right of any episode listing to show a 'download' option.

We do not currently have rights to make all content available for offline listening.

How do I turn autoplay on/off?

Autoplay is disabled by default. You can choose to enable it so when you launch the app it will start playing your last played station. To do this, open the menu and click on the Settings (cog) icon in the top right-hand corner beside the station name

Click on "Autoplay on Startup" to enable or disable.

Can I turn off location tracking on the app?

This is done through settings on your device.

If you are on an Apple device (iPhone / iPad) - you will need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Find RTÉ Radio Player and change your preference there.

If you are on an Android device, you need to go to settings > Location > App access to location > find RTÉ Radio Player and change your preference there.

Can I change the store that buy music links up to? (iOS only)

This is done through the settings on your iOS device and not in the app.

Can I cast to my Google/Nest device with this app?

Casting is not yet available in the app. If you wish to listen to RTÉ Stations on your Google/Nest device, you can try the following:

"Hey Google, play RTÉ Radio 1" and this will play the station via TuneIn

How do I remove / change the Siri prompt? (iOS only)

Open the station you wish to change the prompt for. Open the menu in the top left-hand corner.

There should be a message near the bottom of the screen saying "Add(ed) to Siri". Click on this and you can edit or delete the command.

Is there a sleep timer?

There is a feature available in the app's main menu which allows you to activate a sleep timer. This allows you to set playback duration of between 15 minutes and 3 hours. It will then countdown across all stations and podcasts.

Can I use Airplay? (iOS only)

The Airplay functionality is accessible from the iPhone/iPad lock screen.

How can I check and see what song was played last?

Scroll through a radio station page to the row called "Recently Played" to view the most recently broadcast songs.

You can view full archives of playlist by visiting the specific show page at, and finding that day's episode page.

Can I rewind / restart live radio shows?

It is not currently possible to rewind or restart a live show.

How do I send in customer support issues or share feedback about RTÉ Radio Player?

Contact RTÉ Radio Player team by email

The app doesn't work for me. What other ways can I listen to RTÉ Radio services?

Visit for information on all the ways you can access RTÉ Radio services using your radio, computer, phone, tablet, TV or smart speaker.

What do I need to access the latest version of the app?

- iOS (RTÉ Radio Player): Minimum of iOS 12

- Android (RTÉ Radio Player): Minimum of Android 6.0

What do I do if the app store doesn't let me download the app update? (iOS only)

You won’t be able to access the app update if your device doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements. You should be able to continue using the legacy version of RTÉ Radio Player, however we’re unable to provide extensive support for legacy apps.

The latest update to the RTÉ Radio Player iPhone and iPad app is only compatible with devices running iOS 12 or newer operating systems. While this is unfortunate for those unable to update, all of the content available in the app is available on multiple platforms, so get in touch and we can get you back up and running with your listening.

If you no longer have the older version of RTÉ Radio Player and are unable to install the latest update, we recommend downloading our partner app, Irish Radio Player.

The Irish Radioplayer is a not-for-profit partnership between RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland. This contains all RTÉ Radio stations and contains the options to listen to them live as well as on-demand. This app is also compatible with older versions of iOS.

All of our listen-back, live and podcast content is available here at, which is fully optimised for mobile browsing and streaming.

You can also find a wide range of on-demand content from RTÉ on third-party podcast services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Just search "RTÉ".

Why is the app not working on my mobile phone/tablet?

There are a number of factors that may be causing issue. Here’s a few steps that we recommend that should get you up and running again.

Have you the most recent version of the app? By deleting and reinstalling the app from the app store, you can be sure that you have the most recent version.

Is the operating system on your device up-to-date? We require a minimum of Android version 6 and iOS 12 in order for the app to download and run on your device. Anything older than this may be able to install the app but it isn't supported.

Are you running a VPN? Please switch this off. With the rare exception, all of RTÉ Radio’s streams are available to stream and listen back to on-demand from anywhere in the world.

If you are able to do so, try switching your internet source – for example: From home WiFi to mobile data or vice versa. Please note that some WiFi sources on public transport or in certain institutions such as hospitals, offices, school/colleges may have a firewall in place which may block traffic from the radio player app.

Get in touch with the online product support team for RTÉ Radio Player team who may be able to advise. They can be contacted at

Playback is stopping/starting/buffering on my device

Buffering can be caused by a number of different factors. The most common factor being a weak, inconsistent internet connection.

To listen back to a programme without interruption, you'll need a stable internet connection. There are a few things to try out to ensure your connection is stable:

Are you sharing internet with others or using the internet on other devices? It’s possible they may be downloading something or one of your devices is using up a lot of bandwidth. This can in turn weaken your connection which may cause the radio to stutter and buffer. Try pausing a download or switching off devices.

If you’re connecting via WiFi, make sure your router is in a prominent position and that it isn’t being blocked behind any walls or other objects. Alternatively, you can see about switching what frequency your broadband broadcasts on – you will need to contact your internet service provider on the best way to do this.

Check your download speed. Generally, the higher your download speed is, the better quality the stream will be. We would recommend having at least 2MB to ensure a smooth streaming experience.