After a 5-year hiatus, Scotland's finest, Paolo Nutini is back with a new album and a new tour. Paolo joined Kathryn Thomas – sitting in for Ray – in Studio 8 for a chat and he also played a couple of songs from the new album, Last Night in the Bittersweet, which came out last month. Kathryn asked Paolo how the new record came together and he suggested that there were a lot of songs when the time came to record the album:

"Over the last five, seven years, I would write, I was doing other stuff, but I would write a lot, I would call the guys, we would go into the studio and spend a few days here and there doing some stuff and obviously songs, we collected songs. But it was when it felt like there had to be an album, rather than just like, ok we’ve got the right amount of songs now so we can go at it."

So there are quite a lot of Paolo Nutini songs that didn’t make this album, for one reason or another. Makes you wonder what will happen with those, doesn’t it? Well, Paolo hinted that he has plans for them:

"There are a lot of songs that were in between all those sessions that aren’t on there, but I hope they’re going to hear them soon."

Maybe they’ll get an airing on the tour, or maybe we won’t have to wait so long for the next album? Only Paolo knows and he’s not giving any more away, so let’s be content (for now) with the sixteen excellent tracks on Last Night in the Bittersweet. And the first of those tracks – Afterneath – cites none other than Quentin Tarantino as one of the writers because it features Patricia Arquette’s dialogue from a scene in Tarantino’s 1993 film True Romance, a scene and a film that Paolo loves.

"It took a little while to work up the courage to ask Quentin Tarantino in the first place and then to hear back from him, but luckily we got the thumbs up."

It turns out that Damien Rice’s album O was a major influence on the young Paolo Nutini back in the day:

"I kind of taught myself how to play guitar to that album, pretty much. And I loved that record when it came out and it was before the time when you could find out everything about everyone and there was a mystery attached to Damien and his music and I really loved that. I still do, I still love that record."

Doesn’t everyone? And now we’ve a new record to love. Paolo is currently doing a small tour of this country, but he’ll be back with a bang next Summer with large scale shows in Cork, Dublin and Belfast.

You can hear Kathryn’s full conversation with Paolo – and hear Paolo playing Through the Echoes and Lose It from his new album live in RTÉ's Studio 8 – by going here.

Last Night in the Bittersweet by Paolo Nutini is released on Atlantic Records.