Pierre Zakrzewski, the Irish cameraman who was killed in Ukraine on Monday was, his brothers told Claire Byrne, all about the truth. Greg and Nick Zakrzewski, both audibly emotional two days after their brother's death, said they wanted people to know what sort of person Pierre was. Pierre was working for Fox News in Ukraine when he was killed, along with Ukrainian journalist and producer, Oleksandra Kuvshynova. Greg began by outlining how the family heard the news of his brother’s death:

"So, we would have heard – initially the news would have come out kinda Monday about [Fox News correspondent] Benjamin Hall. And then we would have seen that it was Fox outfit and then I would have done a bit of snooping and seen the Fox statement. So then I was like, 'Well, that doesn’t sound great.’ And then Tuesday morning, around 11 o’clock, our sister called us from London to say, ‘Listen, he’s been missing for 12 hours.’"

The brothers gave Claire some background to their family and how Pierre was the odd one out in one respect. Here’s Nick:

"Actually Pierre’s the only one who wasn’t born in Dublin and that’s purely because he was premature by two months and he happened to be born in Paris because Mum was in Paris at the time. That’s the only reason. But we all grew up here, up in Leopardstown. We all went to school here, went to college here."

Greg describes the Zakrzewskis as the UN of families. Their father was Polish, and he came over to Ireland during the Second World War:

"So his dad was in the Polish army. He was actually a gynaecologist in the Polish army, so there’s a joke in there somewhere. And they went on this epic 2-year journey through France to get to the UK. So my dad was born in ‘28, so he would have been 11-ish, 11, 12, 13. They ended up near St Andrew’s in Scotland and then he would have done his secondary schooling there. And then when he wanted to study architecture, all the spots were being given to returning servicemen from the war, so then the UK guys farmed him out to UCD in Ireland and that’s how he ended up here."

Claire wondered if Pierre always had a love for camerawork. Originally, it was all about the travel – something the "UN family" were well used to:

"We spent our childhood, you know, going to Poland, going to France to visit family, you know. It was like, you know, people would go and go to family reunions, we’d go to France to go to family reunions, go to Poland to go to family reunions."

Pierre worked hard at his career and it was something he had to do on his own, from the outset:

"If you look at his career – first 10, 12 years that are freelance, okay? And that kind of made him, I suppose, because he’s doing stuff on his own. And this is not a role that you go to college for. You don’t interview for this. You make it. It’s the role you make for yourself. And it’s pure experience and it’s a lifetime of reading up and educating yourself."

Pierre had been to many warzones and a lot of very dangerous places, but what his brothers reckon made him change his status from freelance to Fox employee was the sense that wearing a vest that says PRESS was attracting fire instead of keeping it away.

"So increasingly it’s becoming very difficult for freelance guys to protect themselves. If you think back to Iraq, all the guys who were kidnapped and subsequently beheaded, they were all freelancers, who didn’t have the back-up behind them, the security back-up and all that kind of stuff. So, gone are the days when you could turn up in warzones on your todd and just live on your wits. That’s gone."

While Pierre was clearly brave, he certainly wasn’t reckless. He wouldn’t have lasted 30 years in the business if he had been. Part of what got him through in many places during his career was the way he would approach a barricade: "I’m Pierre Zakrzewski and I’m Irish."

"He was so proud of being Irish. He was so proud of the access and the view worldwide of the Irish."

In most traditional warzones, there’s the front, where the fighting happens and behind either side of that front, things are a little less dangerous. It hasn’t been like that in Ukraine and that made Pierre nervous:

"The scenario in Ukraine at the moment is you don’t know where are the guys shooting at you? Are they in front of you, behind you? Left or right? You don’t know."

If they were to sum their brother up, Nick and Greg said, in terms of his job, this is what they would say about Pierre:

"And it's just the truth, the truth, the truth, the truth, the truth and no bullsh*t. And that’s what we need more than anything."

You can hear Claire’s full conversation with Greg and Nick Zakrzewski by going here.