The Art of Foot-Binding by Danielle McLaughlin.

A radio version of Danielle McLaughlin’s short story, first published in her collection, Dinosaurs On Other Planets, published by The Stinging Fly press.

The Art of Foot-Binding tells the story of Janice, her husband Philip, and their teenage daughter, Becky. Inspired by a classroom discussion of foot-binding, Becky experiments with the ancient practice at home. Her re-purposing of expensive pillow cases is a torment to her mother, while other ties - between husband, wife and child – are stretched to breaking point.

Production Credits

Donna Anita Nikolaisen (Narrator)

Peter Daly (Voice of the Foot-binding manual)

Fiona Bell (Janice)

Caitriona Ennis (Becky)

Arthur Riordan (Philip)

Kathy Rose O’Brien (Ms Matthews).

Sound Design and Sound Supervision: Mark Dwyer and Damian Chennells

Producer: Kevin Brew

Series Producer: Kevin Reynolds

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1st TX  Sunday 27th May 2018

Duration 37min51secs