A mural painted on the front of a house in south Dublin has been painted over after the homeowner exhausted the planning process in a bid to keep it.

Cathy McGovern commissioned well-known street artist Solus to paint the piece 'The boxing ballerinas of Sandycove' on the front of her home last year and said the ballerinas were well-liked locally.

Originally Ms McGovern planned to have the ballerinas the size of the front door, but Solus was more ambitious and painted them the full two storey height of the house.

Speaking to RTÉ's News At One programme today, she said: "It worked so brilliantly because they literally stretched to the skies and they danced off the building because they are dominant and it is a statement piece."

Ms McGovern said that people warmed to the new look and it brought about excitement and happiness.

"There was just a net of support and excitement and joy. It was one of the brilliant things about the project, so I would never regret doing it, because it gave so many people so much happiness."

However, the excitement and joy were short-lived as Ms McGovern received a letter from her local authority, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, informing her that it had been brought to their attention that a mural had been painted on her house and they were investigating the matter.

Works got underway yesterday to remove the mural

"They quoted a bye-law in planning that said that a mural needed permission so at that point I knew that I had the option to apply for retention which is what I did."

Her request to keep the mural on the front of her home was refused by the council and she subsequently appealed to An Bord Pleanála who upheld the local authority's decision.

The case raises questions over how public art displayed on domestic settings is dealt with.

Ms McGovern explained that there is "no pertaining regulation for public art on a private property" and a piece of legislation, that is non relevant to her circumstances, was found and applied to her case.

She was left with no other option but to remove the mural which she said made her very sad.

Cathy McGovern outside her house yesterday when the mural was being removed

"Very sadly (the boxing ballerinas were painted over yesterday), I feel a sense of failure," she said.

Ms McGovern is now calling for a change in legislation.

"I had to go through the same process as if I was building 60 apartments, so there is no process for art and there needs to be a process for this kind of project," she said.