A man has been arrested by gardaí investigating the disappearance of a Lithuanian woman over three years ago.

Detectives made the arrest this morning and he is currently being held for questioning at a garda station in the midlands.

Giedre Raguckaite, 29, was living in Dundalk at the time of her disappearance, after arriving in Ireland in March 2018.

She was last seen alive at a house in Laytown in Co Meath on 29 May 2018.

Ms Raguckaite moved to Dundalk in April of 2018 and had applied for a Personal Public Service (PPS) number to work in Ireland.

She moved out of her accommodation on 24 May and between then and 29 May there were two sightings of her in Dundalk.

Detectives have established that she was last seen alive at a house at the Beach Grove estate in Laytown on 29 May.

It is understood she was accompanied into the house by two men at around 11pm that night. It is believed she was then taken from the house a few hours later, at around 1.45am, by two Lithuanian men.

Gardaí have interviewed a number of people in connection with her disappearance, including the two men she was last seen with.

Gardaí have launched a murder investigation but they still do not know where Ms Raguckaite's body is or how she died.

In 2018 they carried out a search of a house in Laytown as part of the investigation.