Tours of the Jeanie Johnston famine ship in Dublin have had to be cancelled because of young people jumping off the rigging.

Local business representatives say this is part of increasing incidences of anti-social behaviour in the docklands that are posing a threat to the local economy.

The afternoon tours on the ship were attracting 40 people a day Friday to Sunday under Covid restrictions.

Customers booked in over the next three days will be refunded and it is hoped that the ship will reopen next week with added security.

John O'Neill, manager of Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship, said the young people who were climbing onto rigging were posing a danger to staff and to visitors as well as to themselves.

He said the situation was not conducive to a safe environment.

Alan Robinson of the Docklands Business Forum said there are wider anti social problems in the docklands that have got worse in recent years.

He said it is posing a problem for local hospitality businesses trying to re-open and making people feeling unsafe coming to work.