Figures released by the Department of Health to Nuacht RTÉ show that Monaghan and Cavan have the two highest rates of death associated with Covid-19 in the State.

This figures cover the period to 31 January, and show that the national rate of deaths per 100,000 is 69.7.

Up to 31 January, 3,317 people had died with Covid-19 in the State.

128.7 is the rate of deaths per 100,000 of the population in Monaghan, and 118.1 is the rate for neighbouring Cavan.

79 deaths have been notified in Monaghan since the beginning of the pandemic. However, 74 of those deaths were notified before 30 November.

In Cavan, 90 people in total have died with Covid-19 - 60 of those were notified before 30 November.

With the largest population, Dublin also has the largest number of deaths, with 1,337 notified in total. 948 of them were notified before 30 November.

The next highest number of deaths was in Kildare with 239 deaths notified - 206 of those occurred before 30 November.

Cork saw a large increase in notified deaths: 214 in total, with 72 of those occurring before 30 November.

These figures show that in some counties, a large proportion of the notified deaths occurred during the two months between 30 November and 31 January.

The settings of the 3,317 notified deaths nationwide are as follows:

Figures for Covid-19 deaths, and the rate per 100,000 of the population for all counties in the State, up to midnight on 31 January show that Mayo, with 122 deaths, was also among the counties with the highest death rate.

These are the figures from the Department of Health for all notified deaths up until midnight on 29 November last, as issued on 9 December 2020.