A new mobility plan for the Phoenix Park will be implemented by next March according to the Government.

Minister of State with Responsibility for the OPW Patrick O'Donovan has announced the start of consultation with the National Transport Authority, Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council.

He has asked for a report within three months and a preferred option to be ready for implementation by March 2021.

Mr O'Donovan caused controversy when he decided that peripheral gates  - closed during the Covid 19 lockdown - should be reopened.

He overrode the OPW who had wanted them closed to deter through car traffic and to provide a "green lung" for the city.

However, Mr O'Donovan said that the roads were needed for people travelling to work.

The OPW says other measures introduced for social distancing such as a ban on parking on Chesterfield Avenue and extra cycle space will remain in place indefinitely.