Leitrim County Council's Emergency Management Team has met again to assess the situation with water levels on the River Shannon.

Following the meeting, the council said in a statement that the level of the river has risen by approximately 30mm in Carrick-on-Shannon since yesterday's readings and that flood waters have now over topped the quay wall, and the flood has advanced slightly into the car park at the location.

The council said it is continuing the pumping of flood waters at strategic locations in both Leitrim village and Carrick-on-Shannon and it is successfully managing the water levels in these locations. 

There is flooding on some roads in Leitrim village and Carrick-on-Shannon but all roads are passable with care and the council said that appropriate engineering measures are being put in place today in both Leitrim village and Carrick-on-Shannon to facilitate pedestrian access.

No domestic or commercial properties have been flooded to date but the council continues to remind property owners in areas susceptible to flooding to be vigilant and to monitor water levels.

The council says that engineering staff are in contact with property owners in areas vulnerable to flooding and are ensuring that action and support such as the provision of sandbags and other resources are available as the situation demands.