The northbound lanes of M8 are currently closed between Mitchelstown and Cahir as maintenance staff and gardaí deal with flooding.

Heavy rain throughout the day caused surface flooding on a section motorway between Junctions 11 and 12 and gardaí went to the scene when the water became too deep for motorists to drive through.

The northbound lane was initially closed by gardaí because of the flooding, and the southbound lane was then closed at about 7pm to allow maintenance vehicles gain access to the location.

Some motorists who were "stuck" near the flood were led by gardaí back to the junction and gardaí from both north Cork and Cahir went to the scene to slow traffic down and warn people about the flooding.

Diversions have been put in place and traffic is being sent onto the old Dublin-Cork road, passing along areas such as Skeeheenarinky in south Tipperary, to avoid the flooded stretch.

The rain has subsided since its peak and it's thought the motorway may be able to open later tonight.

There were no reports of any crashes or other incidents.