An investigation has been launched after a personal medical file was found in a Co Donegal park.

The large file was found close to bushes at Bernard McGlinchey Park near Letterkenny University Hospital.

A family out walking came across the files which contains sensitive medical history on an elderly woman. 

As well as letters to the woman's GP, the file contains parts of her medical history.

How the file ended up dumped in the park is not yet known.

Local county councillor Gerry McMonagle, who is a member of the Northwest Regional Health Forum, has demanded a full investigation.

He told Donegal Daily "A full investigation into how this woman's file ended up in a public park for anyone to find has to be carried out.

"The hospital and the health board has to find out where this file was stored and how it came to be in a public place apparently dumped."

And Cllr McGonagle said the HSE must also investigate if other patients' files are missing.

"How do we know that there are not a lot of other files missing. A full check-list of all files will now have to be carried out.

"I want to know what security measures are in place to secure these files and how come that security was seemingly breached on this occasion."

The file has since been handed back to staff at Letterkenny University Hospital.

The Saolta Hospital Group is due to issue a statement on the matter.