In the summer of 2004, an American school girl called Rebecca Saunders arrived in West Cork for an eight week study abroad programme.

She met a local farmer, 42 year old Martin McCarthy, and by the time she returned home to the US, the pair were engaged to be married.

Against her family's wishes, Rebecca returned to West Cork to marry Martin McCarthy, and a few years later they had a baby girl called Clarissa.

But the marriage deteriorated, and after some years, Rebecca wanted a divorce. But on the very day she sought legal advice about that, she arrived back at the farm to find Martin and Clarissa missing. A manhunt ensued, but the outcome was tragedy.

Martin McCarthy had killed Clarissa and taken his own life.

Rebecca Saunders, in her first television interview, gives her account of their lives together, what happened on that fateful night, and why she wants Clarissa’s body exhumed from the grave she shares with Martin McCarthy.

In this clip, Rebecca tells Claire about the horrible moment, on the night Clarissa went missing, that a note was found which had been left behind by Martin McCarthy.