Around a third of the country's energy needs in July was supplied by wind generation, the latest wind energy report from Wind Energy Ireland showed.

That was in keeping with the average for the first seven months of the year to date.

With wind generation up by just over 50% on the same month of last year, it was a new record for wind generation for a July.

The amount of energy generated by wind last month was up 11% on July of 2022.

The average wholesale price of electricity in per megawatt-hour in the month was €96.24, down from €117.11 recorded in the previous month.

Prices on days with the most wind power saw the average cost of a megawatt-hour of electricity decrease by 12% to €93.30 when compared with the previous month.

It increased to €111.71 on days when the gird was almost entirely reliant on fossil fuels.

"Irish wind farms are helping to protect Irish families and businesses from the worst effects of relying on expensive imported gas," Justin Moran, Director of External Affairs at Wind Energy Ireland said.

"The faster we can build and connect new onshore wind farms onto the electricity system, the more secure we make Ireland's energy supply, the more money we put back in people's pockets and the more we cut our carbon emissions. Momentum is also growing behind Ireland’s offshore wind energy revolution and there is a strong pipeline of offshore wind projects developing in Ireland," he added.

Mr Moran said it was hoped that the reduction in wholesale prices would eventually feed through to household bills.

"We know that consumers and businesses are struggling every day with high energy bills and they need their electricity to be affordable as well as clean. The fall in the average price of wholesale electricity in comparison to June 2023 is welcome news. If wholesale electricity prices continue to drop, we hope that we will soon see an impact on consumers bills," he concluded.