Electric vehicle (EV) charging platform Monta has today announced a partnership with smart homes solutions company Smartzone.

The deal will see Monta and Smartzone provide homeowners and charge point operators a seamless way to manage charging schedules, view consumption data and give charging access to friends, family and guests.

Smartzone aims to roll out 25,000 home charges across Ireland by the end of 2025.

From today's deal, Smartzone will automatically connect its charging points to Monta's back-end software.

This will allow Smartzone customers to view their charging history, manage access to the charge point and set their own pricing and usage.

Ricky Hill, Country Manager for Monta in Ireland, said today's deal will help deliver a better, simpler EV user experience for the Irish market.

"Our combined software and infrastructure solutions will mean charge point operators can manage their installs all under one roof, while EV drivers will benefit from a much-improved user experience via our app," he said.

"We’re looking forward to helping Ireland complete its journey towards a greener future and help the Government achieve its plans as set out under the recently announced EV strategy," he added.

Justin McInerney, Smartzone CEO, said that Monta's charge point management system eliminates the need to work with multiple providers, thereby reducing admin and additional workloads for it.

"This will help improve efficiency while providing EV drivers with an end-to-end solution easy to manage and use," he added.