AIB has set carbon reduction targets for around €43.5bn of its customer loans, as part of its sustainability plans.

The loans represent around three quarters of its entire lending portfolio.

They include residential mortgages, commercial real estate and corporate loan books.

The cuts in carbon emissions are to be achieved by 2030.

In the residential mortgage area the bank is aiming to reduce emissions intensity by 58% per square metre on homes funded by €29.4 billion of residential mortgages,

While it wants to lower emissions intensity by 67% per square metre on commercial real estate funded by €5.6 billion of loans.

"We firmly believe that enabling our customers to lower their carbon footprint over the short, medium and long term is a priority than can only be achieved through major investment in energy and climate action infrastructure," said the bank's Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer Mary Whitelaw.

"AIB’s new green lending grew by 65% to €3.3 billion in 2022 accounting for 26% of all new lending, while our green mortgage products represented 28% of new mortgage lending."

"We are now further aligning ourselves with the global sustainability agenda by pledging to do more to ensure that 70% of our new lending will be green or transition by 2030."

The details are contained in the bank’s latest sustainability report which also set out the bank’s plans to boost provision for social actions.

The bank has a target to provide €800m in finance for social housing by the end of next year.

€437m of that has already been allocated.