Tesco, Britain's biggest supermarket group, said today it was changing the way it manages its larger stores, impacting around 1,750 workers.

All of Britain's major grocers are seeking cost savings as they try to keep a lid on rising prices.

Tesco said a new structure will see it introduce about 1,800 "shift leader" roles in its larger Superstores and Extra stores and also realign its store manager roles.

At the same time it will reduce the number of "lead" and "team managers" in its large stores.

Tesco said the 1,750 workers affected will have the option of moving to shift leader vacancies or taking redundancy.

It said localised changes across the UK business will impact a further 350 jobs.

These changes include the closure of eight pharmacies, moving overnight roles to the daytime in 12 stores, reducing hours within some Post Offices, removing a small number of head office roles and closing the Tesco Maintenance National Operating Centre in Milton Keynes.

Tesco said it also planned to close the meat, fish and deli counters in the small number of stores that still have them from February 26.

All impacted workers will be offered alternative roles.

A spokesperson for Tesco Ireland said the move will have no impact on Irish stores.

"This announcement relates to the UK market only," the spokesperson said.

Tesco said it currently had around 2,000 vacancies across the business, in addition to the more than 1,800 new shift leader roles it will be introducing.

Last week, Asda , Britain's third biggest grocer, said it planned to remove 211 night shift managers and change the hours of 4,137 workers.