The price of milk at the factory gate was nearly 40% higher in November than it was in the same month last year, new data from the Central Statistics Office shows.

Pig prices were 42.6% up on November 2021, while cereals were 47.5% more expensive leaving the farmer than they were 12 months before.

Overall, the latest information shows output prices during the month were 25.3% up on the same month a year ago.

That's lower than input prices which were 33.4% higher than they were in November of last year.

That figure has been driven by a 93.9% leap in fertiliser prices, a 36.6% rise in energy, while feed for animals has jumped by nearly a third over the last 12 months.

However, there are signs that the rate of increase in agricultural prices may be levelling off again, after a further upward blip in September.

The input index increased by just 0.4% from October to November and output prices rose by 0.8% compared to the previous month.

The figures are important as they indicate the pricing trends of the various inputs that go into the production of much of our food.

Food inflation has been high over the past year due to the impact that the war in Ukraine has had on farming, through inputs such as energy and fertiliser, and the disruption to global commodity markets.