Pre-tax profits at the group which operates,, and last year increased by 86% to €8.42m, up from €4.52m a year earlier.

New accounts filed by Distilled Ltd show that the business enjoyed the surge in profits as revenues increased by 20% from €28.12m to €33.76m.

The group also operates trade and service jobs website,, which it purchased from Marktplaats BL on February 23rd this year.

Figures provided by Distilled show that for property listings service,, has seen residential property sales increase 19% year to date. and have both been significant performers in Distilled's portfolio, with DoneDeal making headway as the top motor site in Ireland.

The business last year paid out a dividend of €15.37m.

Co-founders of, Brian and Eammon Fallon, each have a 23.66% share in the business.

Based on their shareholding, they would have received a pre-tax €3.63m dividend each from the payout.

Distilled SCH Ltd was only established in 2015 after operations along with that of sister company, were merged with Norway based Schibsted Media’s

The deal provided Distilled and Schibsted with each having a 50% shareholding in the group.

The website, which was established in 1997, invests over €6 million into technology, research and development every year.

The directors said that the group did not avail of any State relief in relation to Covid-19 during the year.

The Distilled figures show that has boomed during the pandemic and maintained strong growth since and today records 250,000 adverts per month.

The volume of the business last year increased by 6% and this followed growth of 22% in 2020.

In 2022 to date, the business has increased by 4%.

The Distilled group business last year recorded post tax profit of €6.5m after paying corporation tax of €1.9m.

Numbers employed increased by one to 134 as staff costs increased by €1.18m or by 11% from €10.55m to €11.74m.

Directors' pay increased from €459,358 to €668,094.

The company’s operating lease charges increased from €858,697 to €961,829.

The group’s shareholder funds totalled €96.66m and cash funds decreased from €16.39m to €14.85m

The profit last year takes account of non-cash amortisation costs of €6.09m last year and restructuring costs of €112,468.

- reporting by Gordon Deegan