The owner of McDonald's former restaurants in Russia, Alexander Govor, is buying privately-owned Russian logistics company HAVI, which has 14 distribution centres.

The Siberian businessman has been prominent during the sanctions inflicted corporate upheaval as Western companies shut up and left after Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February.

Govor reopened McDonald's restaurants in Russia in June under the brand, Vkusno & tochka ("Tasty, and that's it").

Vkusno & tochka said Govor would retain HAVI's management and more than 1,200 employees, rebranding the firm as Logistika - i Tochka ("Logistics, and that's it").

HAVI was described as "focused on innovation, optimization and supply chain management for the world's leading brands".

Govor said HAVI had shown since 2008 that it could be "a reliable partner to ensure the logistics of our business throughout Russia".

In September, Govor and his partner Yury Kushnerov bought the Russian business of Huhtamaki, a Finnish maker of packaging for food and beverages, for €151m.