The Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery (ORNL) said a record €289.7m was transferred to the Exchequer for Good Causes in 2021 - a 14% increase on 2020.

Some of this change was due to the sales generated by the unprecedented record €19.1m Lotto jackpot rollover, which was won by a single ticket in the first ever Lotto Will Be Won draw in January of this year.

The ORNL said its annual report for 2021 showed the continued success of the National Lottery in the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic and the easing of restrictions.

Ticket sales for National Lottery games increased to a total of €1.053 billion, up from €918.9m in 2020.

The increase was seen in both the online sales channel, which grew by 28.7% to represent 16.6% of total sales for the year and the retail sales channel, which grew by 12.2%.

The report also details the additional measures to prevent problem and underage play which were introduced in 2021 to enhance the measures already in place.

It said that proactive reviews were conducted by the Regulator during the year to make sure the appropriate systems were in place to provide National Lottery games in a safe and secure manner for retail and online players.

During the year, the regulator also reviewed how the odds of winning a prize are communicated on scratch cards.

The regulator said that probability and randomness and how they operate in very large number sets are difficult concepts to understand, but providing the odds of winning the top prize is in players' interests.

The Regulator proposed that the odds of winning the top prize be included on every scratch card and on the landing page of every National Lottery game on so that players have immediate sight of this key information.

To this end, the National Lottery website was updated to include the odds of winning the top prize on the landing page of every National Lottery game, and the mobile apps are being similarly upgraded.

As new scratch card games are printed they also include the odds of winning the top prize.

The Regulator of the National Lottery, Carol Boate, said that while 2020 saw a unique set of challenges and circumstances, 2021 presented its own obstacles and opportunities for the Office of the Regulator to address in the interests of players, good causes and the operation of the National Lottery.

"In doing so, the Office has worked to ensure the continuity of lottery games in a manner that prioritises the interests of players, and which seeks to ensure that Good Causes continue to benefit from this important State asset," Ms Boates said.

"I am confident that the oversight, monitoring, and enforcement carried out in 2021 will further protect and safeguard players, and the propriety of the National Lottery. This remains my paramount focus in the period ahead," she added.