The latest Central Statistic Office trade figures show a big jump in the value of Ireland's imports and exports in August.

The CSO said that Ireland's unadjusted exports of goods in August increased by €6.3 billion to €19.5 billion compared with August last year.

When seasonally adjusted, exports of goods grew by €4.1 billion compared with July 2022.

Meanwhile, unadjusted imports for August were valued at €12.5 billion, an increase of more than €4.7 billion on the same month last year.

The CSO said that comparing the first eight months of 2022 with the same time in 2021, exports of goods increased by 30%, and the value of imports increased by 39%.

Today's figures also showed that trade with Britain was well up in the month, with exports up 59% to €1.5 billion and imports jumping by 77% to €2.2 billion.

The CSO said that the UK represented 8% of our exports, compared to the US, which made up more than 27% in August.

Meanwhile, the EU accounted for €8.625 billion (44%) of total goods exports in August, of which €3.255 billion million went to Germany, €2.312 billion went to Belgium and €1.283 billion went to the Netherlands.