The National Treasury Management Agency said it has completed its 2022 funding programme earlier than expected due to its strong funding position.

The NTMA has issued €7 billion in long-term bonds for the year, below the €10 billion to €14 billion range it announced last December.

Today's decision follows the competition of a review of the NTMA's planned issuance programme for the rest of the year.

The review concluded that the strength of the Exchequer's cash position, along with the surplus for the year projected in yesterday's Budget, eliminates any requirement for the NTMA to issue additional long-term bonds before the end of this year.

It said this means there will be no auctions of bonds or Treasury bills in the fourth quarter of this year.

The NTMA said it will resume long-term borrowing activity in early 2023. As in previous years, it will announce its 2023 bond funding range in December.

The agency had already cancelled an auction in June after the state's borrowing needs fell.

Frank O'Connor, the NTMA's chief executive, said today's decision reflects the agency's strong funding position, as it prepares to enter 2023 with cash balances of €20 billion.

"The Exchequer position has been strengthened further by yesterday's Budget 2023 announcement showing a surplus for this year versus the forecast deficit of €7.7 billion in Budget 2022," Mr O'Connor said.

"We have now completed our 2022 funding programme having issued €7 billion in long-term bonds, which is below the €10 billion to €14 billion range we announced last December," he said.

"We continue to have significant flexibility in meeting Ireland's future borrowing requirements and will resume long-term debt issuance from a position of considerable strength in early 2023," the NTMA CEO added.