New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that the unemployment rate rose slightly in August, rising to 4.3% from the 21-year low of 4.2% a month earlier.

The jobless rate has bounced up and down on a monthly basis this year but the falls have been greater in a tightening labour market and reduced the rate from 5.5% a year ago towards the record low of 3.9% reached in October 2000.

The CSO also noted that today's jobless rate of 4.3% is lower than the pre-pandemic level of 5% in August 2019.

Today's figures show that the jobless rate for men remain unchanged at 4.1% and was down from 5.5% in August of last year, but it rose to 4.5% for women from a revised rate of 4.4% in July and down from 5.4% in August of last year.

Meanwhile, the youth jobless rate rose to 11.6% in August, up from a revised rate of 11.1% the previous month.

The CSO said the seasonally adjusted number of people who were unemployed stood at 117,200 in August, compared with 114,300 in July.

There was a decrease of 23,500 in the seasonally adjusted number of people without a job compared to the same time last year.