Wine sales fell last year on the back of the reopening of hospitality, according to industry group Drinks Ireland.

Wine sales had risen during Covid-19 lockdowns, as the likes of beer drinkers moved to the category while consuming at home.

However the return to pubs and restaurants saw that trend reverse, with wine sales down 13% in 2021 as a result.

That brought wine sales to their lowest point since 2015, according to Drinks Ireland's Wine Market Report 2021.

White wine remained the most popular type of wine in the country, making up 48% of the market.

Wine from Chile was the most popular in the year, though French wine was the only category to see its market share increase year-on-year.

Drinks Ireland has repeated its call for a cut in excise on wine, as it said more than half of the cost of a standard bottle of wine went towards tax.

"We are calling for a 15% decrease on excise on wine over the next two budgets," said Jonathan McDade, director of wine at Drinks Ireland. "As the cost-of-living crisis worsens, Irish consumers face the highest excise on wine in the EU."