Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe said he and the Government want to support public service media and the Government will be considering how a licence fee can be collected in the future.

"Broadcasting in our country is an exceptionally important part of our democracy and of our society and I and the Government do want to support that," the Minister stated.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, he said that the licence fee brings in around €200m a year.

If the fee is abolished the money that it generates will have to be found elsewhere, Mr Donohoe said.

He said the Government will consider a more effective way of collecting the licence fee in future as well as considering the report on the Future of the Media Commission.

"The Government, any government, has to preserve the right to make a decision about what it believes is appropriate. Every Commission will bring forward recommendations regarding what they believe is the appropriate thing for the subject that they are studying, and this Commission has played a very valuable role with that," he said.

"But it's the duty and need of Government to see everything in the round and money that is lost by, for example, getting rid of the television license, that's money then that I and the government need to find.

Meanwhile, collection of the TV licence is expected to remain with An Post under plans to be announced by the Government shortly.

Earlier this year, RTÉ director general Dee Forbes told an Oireachtas committee the licence fee system was "utterly broken" while the station has said it cannot continue to fulfil its remit without extra funding.

While RTÉ gets some €200m a year in licence fee income, licence-fee evasion and avoidance costs it more than €65m a year.