The price of fertiliser rose by 149% in the year to March, new data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) shows.

Overall, agricultural input prices increased by 35% over the same period, with output prices rising by 22%.

Compared to February, input prices were 7% higher and output prices were up 5%.

The impact of the Ukraine war was felt in agricultural energy prices that were 55% higher over the 12 months.

While feed prices jumped by 23% over the same time frame.

"The most significant change is in the price of fertilisers where the price index is up 11.7% in the month from February 2022 and has increased by 149% in the year from March 2021," said Anthony Dawson, Statistician at the CSO.

When it comes to output prices, milk has risen 6.1% in the month from February and 32% over the year to the end of March.

Other animal product prices were also markedly higher, with eggs up 9.3% and wool 13.7% higher year on year.

The cost of cereals was 34% higher than in March 2021 and potatoes were 23% greater.

Cattle prices are up over 22% on an annual basis but pig prices are down 9%.